A child’s journey from mystery to mastery.

A very nice story 🙂 –

My Biased Two Cents.

Growing up in a sleepy little town in the eastern Punjab, my world view was limited to the things and the people around me. The only happening place we had in town was Gita Bhawan, a big hindu temple right in front of which was a park with not so green lawns and a fountain which never worked.

As children, it was our one and only picnic spot, our Disney Land. I, my brother and a few cousins used to huddle around our grandmother to convince her to take us to Disney Land. After some sweet  persuasion and blackmail she would agree to lead the army of little comrades to their favorite place. Apart from some minor disputes over who will walk next to whom and who is allowed to sing which song, the comrades used to reach their Disney Land unscathed.

Once there, it was mandatory for us…

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