April Fool: The summer is here!

Yesterday was April Fool’s day – 1st of April. At least, here, in the English midlands, you could be forgiven for thinking that the weather was playing a prank!

Lboro Uni - fountain
The fountain freezes over (Loughborough University)- in a scene from The Beast from the East. Early March 2018!

We had cold weather and showers but a little more north in Scotland, they were witnessing snow. Come on, it’s April – this is Easter Monday and the students have been on vacation for the last two weeks.

The Russian attack (I mean, this weather bomb) came from Siberia like a Sergio Leone western, rather eastern, trilogy – The beast from the east, The mini beast from the east, and The beast strikes again! 

The Beast from the East strikes again aka The mini beast. This spooky night scene outside my window – Watch the blockbuster thriller at https://youtu.be/Se7oh0Pt5BA

Apparently, the lock over the arctic circle loosened and let the air from the refrigerator flow all over the kitchen! Let’s hope it was just a one-time event.

Snow Hat
Where is my towel? Under the snow courtesy the Mini Beast from the East!

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