What is Time, if not relative?

How you read this article
depends on the relative speed
of you as the reader
and that of the writer!

My Biased Two Cents.

In the post It is about TIME!, I promised to write about Time and then I got busy doing other things. I have come back today to fulfill my promise after exactly 2 months and 24 days. A gap of almost three months between posts is long enough in the blogging world or may be not? Is it really a gap of  2 months and 24 days between It is about TIME! and this post? Well a physicist might argue that the elapsed time between  It is about TIME!  and this post depends upon the relative speed of the reader with respect to the writer. If the reader is moving at nearly the speed of light, almost no time has elapsed since my last post. In fact such a reader may not even have experienced the time it takes for him to fully read It is about TIME!

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