Life is a Rhombus

Life is a Rhombus

Your eyes are a rhombus 
your nose is a rhombus 
your circular eyeballs 
wheels on the pathways 
of the rhombus 
your lips have sharp edges; 
you chin is a wedge 
your face a rhombus

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On persistent demand from a friend, I revive this old classic. The story goes that during my student days when I used to have this poem up on my university web page at University of New Mexico, the person bacame so spooked that he almost reconsidered his move to UNM at the prospect of there being such deadly poets there!!

Once a poem is revieled to the world, it becomes the reader’s property and a canvas with some structure for the reader or listener to peg their own emotions and thoughts upon – like pegs that mountaineers nail onto a mountainside to secure ropes and feet upon to make a journey – to a summit or somewhere high. A good poet hopefully allows a free exploration across many paths guided by each individual’s thought. Thus, I would like to say much about what I was trying to convey from this rhombus shaped poem – save that is was inspired by reading about what makes a face pleasant. Over to you – please share your thoughts in the comments section below, if the poem inspires you to some!




4 thoughts on “Life is a Rhombus

  1. Are the typos like “revieled” intentionally left by the poet for the reader to fix according to their own emotions and thoughts. 😊. The poet seems to describe his own peculiar ideas of a beautiful face. But as they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, I will not judge them for a very “rhombatic” ode to a bright as a diamond face.


  2. Yes, yes, yes, but not really – I didn’t care about fixing typos since the so callled words just rolled off in a stream of (un)consciousness! (blame the auto spellcheckers spoiling your spellings).


  3. I always had the notion of Phi being a factor of facial beauty quotient. Your rhombus has given a new dimension. Keep scripting your travels – inner as well as outer!!


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