A reminder of our frailty as a species

A Single Eye

Loneliness is a strange companion.
She comes to visit me
when I am alone
or among a hundred.

She’s my best friend
when I think of my brothers
out there
in some other Universe
or the whole span
of my physical existence
as the blink of someone’s eye
and of their existence
as the blink
of someone else’s eye
and of their existence further —

Loneliness, my friend, my companion,
I blink my eye.


– First published in the magazine New Quest(Edited by the late Sh. Dilip Chitre)

It is about TIME!

Ticking away the blogs that tell a story
in a nice way –
The more you read
the more you sway
between belief and belief
and between reason and reason –

My Biased Two Cents.

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.

Albert Einstein(?)

In the post Let’s talk about…..!!, I promised that I will write about something that we all complain about not having enough of. One of you guessed that it was TIME. It is time for me to say that the time has come for me to fulfill a promise I made back in time. In the time to come, I will keep my word and devote my time to writing about time. In the post, Democratizing Science!, I made another promise of describing some scientific concepts in simple terms for everyone to understand and what better than time as a first topic. It is a topic that has intrigued philosophers, poets and physicists from time immemorial so much so that Stephen Hawking wrote a whole book ‘A brief history of time’…

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Every day is women’s day.

And they gave her a day
to raise her on a pulpit
and smile ….
to drink red wine
in their cosy homes
wash some guilt down
and smile ….
And she toils away as ever
a second person in a corner
and smiles ….

My Biased Two Cents.

Women’s day  it was yesterday I am told and now it is over. Congratulations were extended, selfies were taken, collages were made and posted on Instagram, cakes were cut and parties were thrown, it was a day for the florists and wine shops to make moolah until the next big day for the trade on the 11th of March, the mother’s day (in the United Kingdom).

Now that all the excitement around the international women’s day has died down and the men and women of this world have gone back to business as usual and the interim special status granted to women has been taken away, let me extend my heartiest congratulations to all my homies for successfully claiming one full day to ourselves after centuries of struggle for equal rights for men and women. Please don’t misconstrue me, I am not ridiculing the significance of the day, I completely…

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