Democratizing Science!

The next in Chhaya’s ‘science for the people’ series –

The fruits of knowledge
we relish
The mysteries of nature
we wonder
The lens of science
we conquer fear –

My Biased Two Cents.

“Alice: This is impossible.
The Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is.”  – Alice in Wonderland

In the posts “A child’s journey”  and “Because the child was human”, I argued that the process children follow in exploring the world around them is inherently scientific. They hypothesize, test and update their hypotheses just like a scientist is expected to.

The question is if human brain’s cognitive circuits are designed to follow the scientific method, why so few of us grow up to enjoy science. Why do some of us tend to skip over a science program on TV or find science magazines boring? I have heard many friends say,  I did so bad in science in high school; there is no way I can sit through a science program on TV”. This is very confusing to me. There is nothing in those science programs that a normal…

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